Our Institutes



TMC has defined for itself the value proposition: "Where Patients are Partners." This phrase finds its fullest meaning when the patient is viewed not as a problem to be solved or a charge to be cared for, but as a partner in his own health.

Our world-class facility is the staging area for the delivery of cutting-edge health care services, with centers of excellence in wellness and aesthetics, cardiovascular, cancer and regenerative medicine.

Wellness and Aesthetics Institute

The Center for Wellness and Aesthetics is a one-stop shop for diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitative interventions that are: 1) preventive, 2) promotive, 3) proactive, 4) personalized — designed to cater to the need for better health maintenance and

Augusto P. Sarmiento Cancer Institute

The Augusto P. Sarmiento Cancer Institute adopts a unique multidisciplinary team approach to cancer prevention, early detection, diagnosis, and management. It applies innovative molecular technologies in diagnosis and treatment for truly customized care.

ENT Head and Neck Institute

The Department of Otolaryngology – Head and Neck Surgery is made up of board-certified physicians who specialize in the medical and surgical management of patients with ear, nose, and throat (ENT) diseases. The breadth of expertise of the ENT physicians

Eye and Vision Institute

The Medical City ophthalmologists provide world-class diagnostic, medical and surgical care of the eyes for adults and children.

Acute Critical Care Institute

The Intensive Care Unit (ICU) is a 24-hour service department designed to deliver the highest level of medical and nursing care for acutely and critically-ill or -injured patients requiring extensive monitoring and intensive nursing care.

Institute of Neurological Sciences

The Medical City’s Neurology staff consists of board certified neurologists, with interests in memory disorders, cerebrovascular diseases, movement disorders, epilepsy, neurophysiology, personalized medicine and a neuropsychologist. It has formed partne

Pediatrics Institute

The Medical City’s Department of Pediatrics is at the forefront of pediatric medicine with over 100 pediatricians partnering with every parent every step of the way, offering 18 subspecialties to help children grow up to be strong and ready to face the

Cardiovascular Institute

The Medial City’s Cardiovascular Program offers integrated, state-of-the-art care, encompassing non-invasive diagnostics, minimally-invasive interventional services, open heart surgery, and cardiac rehabilitation.